I know how you feel. I was in the same place until my late 30's. I was terrified to speak to groups. But it all changed when I taught myself how to tap into the energy underneath my fears and use it to empower my speaking. I was able to overcome my fear by learning to be authentic and you can too.

I understand there is nothing more frustrating than being the one in the room with the deepest knowledge and not being able to share that knowledge freely. Even worse is when someone with much less experience speaks so freely and garners attention, maybe even the promotion, because he or she can speak.

Sandra Zimmer introduces you to her Sandra Zimmer Method to overcome fear of public speaking, develop authentic presence and speak from your heart.

What if you could be relaxed, feel flow and speak with confidence

in meetings and presentations?

Imagine yourself so totally calm, present and connected in groups, meetings and presentations that you enjoy the flow of exchanging information and naturally contribute your ideas more readily.

Yes, you can! I've coached thousands of professionals to be calm, confident and clear headed speaking to groups of all sizes.

We can do this together!

And the best part?

You'll be able to make a difference in your company, community and in the world, the way you have always known you could.

You'll feel proud that you can inspire others just by being yourself and speaking from your heart.

Are you ready to release the nerves, feel the flow and speak with confidence?

Where you become comfortable to speak authentically in front of groups. So you can share your ideas, insights and expertise to make a difference in your company and community.

In this 21 video and workbook course, Sandra Zimmer gives you the support you need to be calm, comfortable and confident speaking to groups.

Here’s what is going to happen for you. You will:

  • Speak authentically and make people say WOW!
  • Be proud of yourself and your ability to share your expertise.
  • Feel calm and comfortable at the center of attention.
  • Stop feeling held back by nervous energy.
  • Feel confident to speak anytime, anywhere to anyone.
  • Stand out in your company or community.
  • Get recognized by peers and acknowledged by senior leaders.
  • Increase your visibility in your industry arena.
  • Radiate a strong presence to hold attention.
  • Decrease the time you spend preparing to speak.
  • Be in a position to receive promotions.
  • Inspire others to support your project or cause.
  • Have the impact you want to have.

Sandra teaches you in baby steps to feel safe and energized to speak from your heart. Her method teaches you techniques that loosen tension, develop comfort in your skin, make connection with listeners easily and free your speech. So your confidence soars!

The Sandra Zimmer Method is different from traditional public speaking training.

This course is not about the mechanics of public speaking. It's about learning to shine by being genuine and natural when you speak.

It's not about trying to look good or look perfect, it's about feeling good and feeling like you are being yourself.

It's about learning to accept yourself as you are and feeling safe at the center of attention by becoming authentic with listeners.

You will develop a style of speaking based on being who you are instead of who you think you should be.

You will shine!

Bill Bailey


"You made me shine! In front of my new boss and client you made me shine. Thank you Sandra... from my heart."

Casey Davis

Boston Scientific

"My speech was life changing for me and for the audience. I was so connected to the group and everyone was connected with me. There were 400 people there including our CEO, VPs and Directors. People were crying and cheering! The people who knew that I have been terrified in the past were astounded at what I did. My CEO and VP said that I inspired them! "

Rob Longenecker


"I have a whole new way of interacting with audiences with inner calm and presence. I can actually be with people in a way that invites their engagement and participation at a whole new level. I am no longer concerned with how I look or “doing it right.” The attention on my performance is minimal and my attention on my audience is paramount. The result is that both my audience and I have a whole lot more fun and get related quickly. "

Tonica Pool

Mechanical Engineer

"Three people told me that they can hear my heart and Soul speaking when I got up to speak at that 3-day workshop. I got up and spoke in front of 300 people at least 5 times! Short, precise, and very profound and heart-felt! Even the instructor said, "WOW! Give her a hand!"

21 Short Videos

Watch, listen and learn as Sandra teaches online how to transform your fear of public speaking. Most videos are about 10 minutes long.

Program Workbook

A downloadable workbook accompanies each video session with practice exercises and supplemental materials.

Access From Anywhere

You set your own pace as Sandra guides you. Learn from home, work or on the go. Easy to save your spot and return later.

What makes the Sandra Zimmer Method different?

The Sandra Zimmer Method is not a conventional approach to public speaking. Conventional approaches get conventional results. I want extraordinary results for you.

Like most of my clients, you're probably really good at what you do - maybe brilliant at what you do but are having trouble speaking with the same level of brilliance. My course is about transforming the tension that has been preventing you from being able to share your brilliance. It is about learning how to shine when you speak to groups!

Many people think the problem is about fear of public speaking; but it's actually not about speaking at all. At the point you are really good at something, you know how to speak and what to speak about. You speak about it every day. Someone asks you "How do you do that? Can you help me with this?" You open your mouth and the ideas to help that person just flow out.

Public speaking fear is simply about not being comfortable at the center of attention. It's about not feeling safe to be who you are... in front of others. In this course you are going to learn to be comfortable being yourself in front of groups. 

"If you have stage fright or fear of public speaking, you have the potential to become a star at speaking. That's because you have the feelings. Your feelings are up to the surface where they can be used to create genuine emotional connection with listeners."

Sandra Zimmer

You have suffered with Public Speaking anxiety for too long.

It's time to get your message heard and feel comfortable doing it.

Don't let yourself be held back any longer.

Take a stand now!

Don't put his off another month. Take a stand for your brilliance!

Say YES to what you need to become a Confident Speaker.
  Sandra Zimmer Method to Overcome Public Speaking Fear.
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I’m Sandra, Master Speech Coach and Chief Star Maker at Self-Expression Center and SandraZimmer.com. I'm also the author of It's Your Time to Shine: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Develop Authentic Presence and Speak From Your Heart.

For 30+ years I have been liberating business professionals from the terror of public speaking fear and the myth that “you have to be perfect and can’t be who you are when you speak in meetings and presentations.”

After coaching hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals, I know for certain that you can be at ease and radiate confidence speaking to groups…if you’re willing to release the tension that blocks your flow, toss outdated public speaking rules, stay true to what lights you up and be willing to become authentic with listeners.